Ancient Empires

The Online Game

Free to Play Text-Adventure

An epic clash of civilizations

The mighty empires of earth are clashing at once in a struggle for dominance and survival. Powerful alliances challenge each other for supremacy in a world filled with intrigue, magic and adventure.

Start your adventure:

Forge your own character: Grow in political and magical strength as a priest or priestess of the Roman Empire. Rally forces as a barbarian of the Bashkar clans. Earn your freedom as a gladiator of Rome. Become a dragon or an undead, or fight them as a Teutonic Knight of Marienburg or a Paladin of Stormkeep to keep the cities safe from attack with fellow swordsmen.

Quotes from our players:

I love it. Best. Game. Ever!
Over 20 years, and I keep coming back!
Graphics can't compare to the richness of this world's imagination.
Best use of your free time. Make friends, fight foes, let your mind wander.