Credit and Attribution

Ancient Empires is a non-commercial game made a reality by a vast collection of community contributors over many decades. It was previously known as Defiance MUD. It also has been greatly influenced by other games such as Genesis, Synergy, Twilight Dawn, among others. Many great people have come and gone and provided a slice of their imagination to concoct a vast and interesting world. The game has radically transformed over various decades and while few ideas ever saw the light of day and some that did got removed over time as the world evolved, we nevertheless want to take a moment to recognize and say thank you to all contributors over the years.

We are incredibly grateful for our playerbase. You've contributed ideas, and helped the world grow by inviting your friends. Thanks to all who have contributed amazing characters and made this such an interesting place.

Open Source:
The system has been powered by a vast collection of tools and libraries, including linux, c-lang, lpmud common stack, jquery, bootstrap, html, javascript, nodejs, npm, ruby and many others. This game would not be possible without the greater contribution of communities doing open source innovation on a global scale. Thank you.

This website includes artwork by various incredibly talented artists and organizations that have made their content available for non-commercial use and who retain their respective copyrights. These include:

Except where otherwise stated, all other content is copyrighted to © 2017